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    Design your factory layout right the first time with ProModel Optimization Suite integrated to Autodesk® Factory Assets, AutoCAD® and Inventor®

    Quickly define a layout and process inside AutoCAD, using Factory Design Assets and the ProModel tab. Open the scaled layout in ProModel and simulate the model with the click of a button. View results in the Output Viewer and easily update the layout back in AutoCAD. Finalize the AutoCAD layout, then view it in 3D with Inventor.


    Create a layout in AutoCAD using Factory Design Assets; Add process flows using the ProModel tab on the AutoCAD menu.

    2 Open in ProModel as a model with a scaled layout. Press "Simulate" and watch your model run with animation.


    View dynamic model output metrics and run "What-If" scenarios. Compare and contrast your "What-If" scenarios in automatically generated reports that display the KPI's that define an optimized system.


    From the process optimization, make any required changes in AutoCAD, then open revised model in ProModel.


    Open the final AutoCAD drawing in Inventor to view the layout in 3D.

    ProModel Autodesk Edition - Evaluation - Now at the Autodesk App Store:

    ProModel Autodesk Edition - Evaluation

    What's New




      ProModel (March 2021)


      Enhancements and Improvements

      • Moved General Information to the Home Ribbon
      • Improvements with Write statements
      • Routing bounding box enhancements
      • Shift Carryover improvements
      • Downtime grid stability improvements
      • Subroutine stability improvements
      • Improved crane stability
      • Improvements to Graphic Editor
      • ProGraphic stability for 64 bit Excel


      ProModel Autodesk Version

      • ProModel Autodesk Edition now allows Resource in your DWG model
        • Static resources - selecting a block or asset to represent a resource

        • Dynamic resources - resources selected on the layout can be assigned to a path network
      • ProModel Autodesk Edition now supports path networks.
        • Create a path network; unidirectional and bidirectional
        • Nodes can be named
        • Node can have limits
        • Interface with locations

      • Entities now can have several shapes and colors to choose from

      • Entities are now scalable for the whole model


      ProModel (December 2020)


      Enhancements and Improvements

      • Auto Orientation for Entities graphics while on conveyors.
        • Entities by default now rotate based on the orientation of the conveyor settings Widthwise (right side of the entity graphic) or lengthwise (top of the entity graphic).

      • Issues with background color changes while panning during simulation improved.
      • Runtime errors improvements.
      • Regular bug fixes.



      ProModel (October 2020)


      Enhancements and Improvements

      • Licensing improvements from COM
      • Resolved issues with SaveAs related to COM
      • Improvements to COM command abilities
      • Statistic collection stability enhancements
      • Scenario manager display issues resolved
      • Resolved Model Print text issues.
      • Improvements regarding Save and SaveAs related to the ProModel.INI
      • Licensing stability improvements
      • Regular bug fixes.

      ProModel Autodesk Edition

      • ProModel’s Autodesk Edition, now allows for users to mark conveyor factory assets as conveyor that can be used as part of the Process Flow.
        • Give the conveyor a name
        • Select the assets that make up the conveyor
        • Choose the starting segment of the conveyor to complete the creation process
        • You can then modify the conveyor properties and use in your Process Flow

      • Improved granularity of DWG imported to the ProModel Model. This provides extremely high resolution along with precise placement of conveyor and location assets.


      ProModel (July 2020)



      System Function

      • DistanceTraveled() - Returns the distance traveled of a resource; and its unit/s.

      ProModel Autodesk® Edition

      • ProModel’s Autodesk® Edition, now allows the user to start building your model right inside of AutoCAD® Architecture or Mechanical. Users can now mark assets as locations, assign entities, and define process flows within the DWG file which can then be opened as a model to scale in ProModel.

      autodesk layout

      • Changes to the DWG can be performed; move assets, walls add additional CAD elements; opening the drawing in ProModel will reflect those changes.
      • You can add from the Simulation Browser Locations, Entities and Flows directly in the AutoCAD DWG file along with the associated properties:


        • Added from selecting Assets within the DWG file. (or from creating a Flow)
        • Asset name is used but can be changed when marked as a Location.
        • Capacity for the Location can be changed.


      • Added from within the Simulation Browser Entities tab or from creating a Flow selecting Assets



      • The Process flow that will be mapping out the processing within the .MOD that is generated from the DWG.
        • Select an asset in the DWG file and click the next asset to create the route and next location.
        • Each Section has Properties that add value to the model.
        • Flows can be modified. Branching, and changing locations for destinations are allowed as well.


        • Opening in ProModel provides a model that can simulate right out of the box; which can be added upon to provide more feature rich value to the modeled system.


        Fixes and Improvements

        • Save As improvements.
        • Dynamic Plot enhancements.
        • Tank creation improvements.
        • Conveyor stability improvements.
        • Graphic Editor stability improvements.
        • Additional language support with licensing.
        • Support for Minitab 19.
        • Improvements with Model Collaborator opening the model after saving.



    System Requirements


    Autodesk Factory Design Utilities, AutoCAD and/or Inventor are required to integrate with AutoCAD or Inventor.  They can be evaluated for free and purchased as part of Autodesk’s Product Design and Manufacturing Collection. Click here to access these products.



    Computer and processor

    1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x86-64) processor


    1 GB RAM (32-bit); 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

    Hard disk

    1.5 GB available disk space

    Operating system

    Windows 10


    Internet access (for online registration and updates)

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