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    Accelerate Process Improvement While Eliminating Risk
    ProModel is a discrete-event simulation technology that is used to plan, design and improve new or existing manufacturing, logistics and other operational systems. It empowers you to accurately represent real-world processes, including their inherent variability and interdependencies, in order to conduct predictive analysis on potential changes. Optimize your system around your key performance indicators.
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    Patient Flow and Process Improvement for Healthcare
    Healthcare needs an easier, more quantifiable and reusable way of visualizing current practices, analyzing potential process & policy changes and planning future service lines and strategic direction. MedModel enables organizations to test their ideas and scenarios for radical cost reduction or other performance objectives in a virtual environment before they are implemented, reducing the risks of implementing ineffective initiatives.
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    Process Simulator

    Transform Static Flowcharts and Workflow Diagrams into Dynamic Simulation Models 
    Process Simulator quickly and easily adds simulation capabilities and analysis to Microsoft® Visio® flowcharts, Value Stream Maps and facility layouts. Process Simulator installs as a plug-in to Visio, allowing you to seamlessly create and run simulation models inside Visio. Process Simulator is great for basic process improvement studies that don’t require the more extensive modeling features of ProModel (e.g., cranes, conveyors, arrays and subroutines).
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    —  Ideal for classes in simulation or research concerning basic process improvement, LEAN, Six Sigma initiatives, continuous improvement or value stream mapping for classes in simulation where students are already familiar with flowcharts.

    Note: You can run ProModel on a Mac computer, BUT, you are required to have a Windows emulator like Parallels.  ProModel software was designed and tested only on Windows PCs.  We support Windows 10 and up.

    Academic Packages


    Professor Package

    • Available for ProModel and MedModel and Process Simulator
    • This is a full license of the software to be used by the professor for research or preparations in teaching their course materials.
    • Provides a professional level license that can be installed on any computer and accessed through your ProModel account to license the software. Each Professor Package License is a subscription active for 1 year and can be renewed annually. (Microsoft Visio is required when using Process Simulator and is sold separately and not available through ProModel.)
    • These license will include free technical support which can be renewed annually with your subscription.
    • Includes free access to online help system, demo models and tutorials.
    • Support requests should be sent to or by phone at (888) 776-6633.
    • All ProModel training courses are offered at a reduced price (about 50%).
    • Excellent for doing research in simulation as well as course development and course work!

    Lab Package

    • Available for ProModel and MedModel and Process Simulator
    • This is a full license of the software to be used by students in a classroom setting or related project work.
    • Provides a professional level license that can be installed on any number computers for use during the length of a class. (Microsoft Visio is required when using Process Simulator and is sold separately.)
    • Includes access for your students throughout the semester. Requires students’ name and email for them to access the licensing system. List must be updated each semester but the software will not need to be reinstalled.
    • Also includes free access to online help system and tutorials.
    • Students may send requests for help with installation to or by phone at (888) 776-6633. All other technical questions need to go through the professor.
    • Great for classes in simulation and for senior design or capstone projects!

    Student Package

    Software Only: $35.00 Buy Now

    Available for both ProModel and MedModel, the student package is a limited version of the software, yet it still has many advanced features that allow for building very detailed and complex models. The student package is specifically set up to instruct and train student for professional opportunities and used for trial purposes.
    Provides limited capabilities for student usage:

    • 20 locations
    • 8 entities
    • 8 resources
    • 5 attributes
    • 15 Run-Time Interface macros

    Process Simulator is not available in a student version. Please use the lab package for students.

    Academic News

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    Textbooks and Updates


    Simulation Using ProModel 4th Edition - Coming Soon

    Some of the changes of this new edition:

    • Model examples in Lab 4, 6, 13, and 14 are all new.
    • New Chapter 11 (Design of Simulation Experiments) , and Lab Chapter 11 (Simulation Analysis of Designed Experiments using ProModel) added.
    • 14 theory chapters and 14 lab chapters in total.
    • Case Study in Chapter 1 changed.
    • A section on Validation (along with several examples ) added in Chapter 7.
    • A section on Validation and a Case Study added in Lab 7.
    • All screen shots are compatible with the latest version of ProModel.

    New in Version 4:

    • PowerPoints for all theory chapters
    • Multiple Choice and T/F Questions for all theory chapters
    • Solution models for all the Exercises

    View a webinar that previews the upcoming release of the Simulation Using ProModel, 4th Edition.

    Download Video: "ProModel-Using-Simulation-Textbook-Edition-4-Preview-Webinar.mp4"

    If you would like to be a peer reviewer, please contact one of the authors, Biman Ghosh, at



    Simulation Using ProModel,
    Third Edition

    ISBN 978-0-07-340130-0
    Simulation Using ProModel covers the art and science of simulation in general and the use of ProModel simulation software in particular. The text blends theory with practice. Actual applications in business, services and manufacturing and a hands-on approach to simulation, including real-world simulation projects, are emphasized.

    Available through


    Missing Lab 4 Models
    These files are missing from the student CD. These are needed for the Simulation Using ProModel textbook. You may download them below:


    SimRunner 3.0 Student Update - Download the latest update for SimRunner.

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